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words fail me

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  • Used to express one's disbelief or dismay.

    ‘Taking money meant for charity is bad enough, but robbing from the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal - words fail me.’
    • ‘Even today, nearly ten years on, I find that words fail me when I try to describe my feelings as the final whistle went and South Africa became world champions.’
    • ‘Sometimes, after I read the news, words fail me.’
    • ‘When I think of what these young farmers are paid for working to produce a quality food and what these people who dream up the daft adverts are paid, words fail me.’
    • ‘Any sort of violence against innocent people is bad enough, but to attack schoolchildren… words fail me.’
    • ‘Let me offer my apologies for the swearing, but words fail me on occasions such as these.’
    • ‘I scrunch up my nose trying to explain exactly how I feel but my words fail me so I just skip it.’
    • ‘The Academy Award-winning actress is so awful in this film that words fail me.’
    • ‘I am an English teacher but words fail me as I contemplate a racing future without him.’
    • ‘It doesn't sound like hard work but it really is, and it's such a huge adrenaline rush that words fail me trying to describe it.’