Meaning of Wordsworthian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the English poet William Wordsworth or his works.

    ‘this form of Wordsworthian reverence for nature was immensely influential in American life’
    • ‘School offers a series of "spots of time," to invoke a Wordsworthian phrase.’
    • ‘An unrivalled observer of the countryside, he found no Wordsworthian solace there, nor in his own unhappy marriage.’
    • ‘It was poetry that, without being distinctively Wordsworthian, could hardly have existed without Wordsworth.’
    • ‘Its mixture of elevated language and sentiment with prosaic detail is peculiarly Wordsworthian, and led Coleridge to comment on its ' inconstancy of style '.’
    • ‘I refer to it as the sublime, in a Wordsworthian sort of sense, entering everyday living.’


  • A student or admirer of the English poet William Wordsworth or his works.

    ‘even Wordsworthians are cautious in commenting on the poem’
    • ‘Although a city man and Londoner, he was an ardent Wordsworthian, with an intense love of nature.’
    • ‘Other critics have endorsed his conclusions, and now even Wordsworthians are cautious in commenting on the poem.’
    • ‘Such issues have long concerned Wordsworthians in the field.’
    • ‘For though what may be called professed Wordsworthians, including Mathew Arnold, found a value in all that remains of him, yet still the decisiveness of such selections as those made by Arnold himself, and now by Professor Knight, hint at a certain very obvious difference of level in his poetic work.’
    • ‘We must be on our guard against the Wordsworthians, if we want to secure for Wordsworth his due rank as a poet.’