Meaning of work-life balance in English:

work-life balance


mass noun
  • The division of one's time and focus between working and family or leisure activities.

    ‘he needs to get his work-life balance right’
    • ‘Work-life balance is now the second most important driver of employee attraction and commitment.’
    • ‘People seem to continually strive for a work-life balance that never is quite balanced enough.’
    • ‘According to a recent survey, New Zealanders have a work-life balance higher than the global average.’
    • ‘I just think that people have gotten more sensitive to needing a work-life balance.’
    • ‘My supervisor talks about work-life balance but doesn't act on it.’
    • ‘True progress is about achieving work-life balance, protecting the environment in which we live, and ensuring that local communities remain vibrant.’
    • ‘Employees are responding by seeking out employers that offer a better work-life balance, and research shows they work harder for those that do.’
    • ‘There is the general perception that France offers a better work-life balance.’
    • ‘Having a good work-life balance is one of the keys to having a happy and fulfilling working life.’
    • ‘He's struck what seems a healthy work-life balance, rising before dawn to beat the traffic and get to the gym.’