Meaning of work back in English:

work back

phrasal verb

  • Work overtime.

    ‘our admin woman works back every night’
    • ‘Some men "work back" so as to avoid the witching hours between 5pm and 8pm.’
    • ‘I was working back a bit one night when the phone rang.’
    • ‘I thought about working back another week but my doctor won't let me, as she knows I need to switch off.’
    • ‘Some argue for a cap on working hours, which would make it illegal for bosses to allow their employees to work back late.’
    • ‘It's 6pm, and you're working back late.’
    • ‘"I have to work back late most days, but it allows me to do something I really enjoy," she says.’
    • ‘Even though the day was draining, I worked back late to avoid extra stress next week.’
    • ‘Workers this week voted overwhelmingly to reject the agreement that would have forced them to start work as early as 7am and work back to 9pm.’
    • ‘They have increased the entitlement for reimbursement of additional childcare costs when parents are required to work back or are called away with little warning.’
    • ‘They don't say that they're going off somewhere and their underlings often cover for them and work back late.’