Meaning of work like a charm in English:

work like a charm


  • Be completely successful or effective.

    ‘the new sales approach worked like a charm’
    • ‘The more public approach seems to have worked like a charm.’
    • ‘His voice never raised above a moderate level, yet his approach worked like a charm.’
    • ‘But it works like a charm within the current range of tax rates.’
    • ‘We see this in his other films, and it works like a charm.’
    • ‘It's a great feature that works like a charm, and is an option that every owner should consider.’
    • ‘It has a bold design, with real aesthetic integrity, and works like a charm.’
    • ‘I went about it with military precision, having long lists of everything that needed to be done at what time, and it worked like a charm.’
    • ‘The action worked like a charm and the very next day the contractor phoned to capitulate.’
    • ‘Only very occasionally does all this not work like a charm.’
    • ‘It doesn't smell like anything, but works like a charm.’