Meaning of work like a Trojan (or Trojans) in English:

work like a Trojan (or Trojans)


  • Work extremely hard.

    • ‘He works like a Trojan and takes enormous pride in his produce.’
    • ‘He carried on working like a Trojan and kept up a punishing travel schedule that took him to factories all over the Far East, overseeing the manufacture of his shoe designs.’
    • ‘He tells us that although there has been inactivity on our part, ‘the ground staff have been working like Trojans’.’
    • ‘He worked like a Trojan and he could not do enough for anybody.’
    • ‘I don't think anyone would argue that Tommy has worked like a Trojan for years and years.’
    • ‘They have worked like Trojans and in appalling conditions.’
    • ‘Staff at our hospitals worked like Trojans and came through with flying colours.’
    • ‘‘They worked like Trojans,’ he said at the time.’
    • ‘And she worked like a Trojan and her morals were irreproachable.’
    • ‘The head teacher won't mention this, but she was feeding everyone from the canteen wagon - she worked like a Trojan that night.’
    work hard, labour, work one's fingers to the bone, work like a Trojan, work like a dog, work day and night, exert oneself, keep at it, keep one's nose to the grindstone, grind away, slave away, grub away, plough away, plod away