Meaning of work one's will on/upon in English:

work one's will on/upon


  • Accomplish one's purpose on.

    ‘she set a coiffeur to work his will on her hair’
    • ‘In the comments he compares the pleasure he gets from working his will on a recalcitrant domestic appliance to the triumph a caveman felt when slaying a mastodon.’
    • ‘Here people have worked their will upon rivers with remarkable engineering skills, but their work of concrete, valves, and buried pipes has neglected deeper social and aesthetic needs.’
    • ‘When we make a clearing, we should do so not in order to enjoy the pleasure of weedwhacking, or otherwise working our will on the landscape, but in order to plant something.’
    • ‘There is more than a little feeling of two elemental goddesses competing to work their will on nature.’
    • ‘At least I can still work my will on the minds of others.’