Meaning of work out in English:

work out

phrasal verb

  • 1(of an equation) be capable of being solved.

    ‘The way things worked was easy… I can show you how an algebra equation works out on paper.’
    ‘If you offer no resistance to your own magick, Carroll's equations work out in your favor.’
    1. 1.1work out atBe calculated at.
      ‘the losses work out at $2.94 a share’
      • ‘By my calculations, this worked out at £10 per foreign word on the menu.’
      • ‘Since 1999 the index has fallen by more than 2,800 points, and the loss to EFM on this basis would work out at £17m.’
      • ‘That's an individual rate of 200 fines annually per warden, which works out at just one successful fine per warden every 1.8 days.’
      • ‘The extra urban fuel consumption rate works out at 36.7mpg.’
      • ‘The 600 drivers, who earn about £6 per hour, had voted to reject a pay offer that works out at about a 4.5 per cent increase.’
      amount to, add up to, come to, total
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  • 2Have a good or specified result.

    ‘things don't always work out that way’
    • ‘An example of false optimism: ‘Everything always works out in the end.’’
    • ‘But we've been in bad situations before, and everything has always worked out.’
    • ‘Everywhere I have been, people think I always have the answers because everything always works out.’
    • ‘As it worked out, these results seemed to reflect the mood of America.’
    • ‘I'm still praying for you, and I hope everything works out for the greater good!’
    succeed, be successful, work, turn out well, go as planned, get results, be effective
    end up, turn out, go, come out, develop, evolve, result
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  • 3Engage in vigorous physical exercise.

    ‘they regularly walked, danced, ran and worked out at the gym’
    • ‘He was doing Pilates and working out with oversized exercise balls long before either became trendy.’
    • ‘Stewart has been spending a lot of the off season in town, working out with teammates and studying with Gilbride.’
    • ‘I don't care how many hours a day an athlete works out or how many women have commented on his ‘glistening, rippling muscles,’ the rest of us do not need to see him naked.’
    • ‘Park, 34, is in excellent shape and works out regularly at a gym near his home.’
    • ‘She worked out in the exercise room and there was a dart board right in front of the treadmill.’
    exercise, do exercises, train
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