Meaning of work permit in English:

work permit


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  • An official document giving a foreigner permission to take a job in a country.

    ‘The plan was to overstay the visa, get a work permit and stay in America for good.’
    • ‘Already there is no primary immigration and the only legal way to get a work permit is through marriage or a family connection.’
    • ‘Emerton has signed a four year deal and he was granted a work permit at a special hearing yesterday.’
    • ‘However, if they get a work permit subsequently, they can upgrade their visas.’
    • ‘He has a valid work permit and, he said, should have received his green card months ago.’
    • ‘He was told he could apply for a work permit available to people from foreign countries with much-needed skills.’
    • ‘Under the Immigration Rules, in order to extend work permit employment, one must have originally obtained a work permit.’
    • ‘Currently, foreigners must apply for a work permit that is valid for one year, which may be renewed.’
    • ‘If Congress gives the green light, millions of illegal aliens will receive a temporary work permit for three years.’
    • ‘It seems that if you are in tight with the government, either you can buy a work permit, or they are given out like candy if it is the right project.’
    • ‘What you need to do right now is this: Go to your school guidance counselor and ask for a work permit.’
    • ‘Many of the people who attended have a work permit and residency status while others are still seeking their paper work.’
    • ‘She was granted a work permit as an adviser to Punjabi-speaking residents of north Manchester at a centre in Cheetham Hill.’
    • ‘The broad eligibility criteria for obtaining a work permit are as follows.’
    • ‘Some are likely to have already been in Ireland on a work permit, others will have returned to their home countries.’
    • ‘He got a work permit for Britain in 2001 and worked in a restaurant.’
    • ‘Directors can get a five-year stay and a work permit, renewable and without having to leave the country.’
    • ‘I think that Britain should allow Bulgarian people into the UK and allow them to have a work permit.’
    • ‘He not only had to support himself but also hold the work permit he needed to avoid deportation or imprisonment.’
    • ‘They said he was visiting Britain to get a work permit to allow him to do charity work in Saudi Arabia, where he has been living recently.’