Meaning of work rate in English:

work rate


  • 1The rate at which work is done.

    ‘the work rate of the checkout assistants’
    • ‘Resist the temptation to spread slurry at a high rate on fields near the farmyard to increase the work rate.’
    • ‘His work rate may suffer in registering on the protracted side, but Evelyn's musical output is worth waiting for, given its lush, cinematic and soul-infused qualities, loved by clubbers and loungers alike.’
    • ‘Like many foreigners, he's technically excellent, but he has also improved his work rate.’
    • ‘She has a ferocious work rate and has now invested over 2m in the web-based advice service for health and safety issues, and employment law.’
    • ‘Our work rate had to be right up there with the best of them to try to pull results out.’
    • ‘I've spoken to associates who are performers and say that their work rate has been transformed because their advertising and promotional work is all done over the internet.’
    • ‘Whatever constituents' political views are of Jimmy, there is no doubting his high work rate and the efforts made by him on behalf of people within and beyond his constituency.’
    • ‘I don't think the six months of daylight followed by six months of night would affect my work rate unduly.’
    • ‘Chatting in a meeting room at the science park he owns, the affable Simpson has an answer for almost everything, but still finds it hard to explain his age-defying work rate.’
    • ‘Who knows, with my accelerated work rate I may make CEO level myself and then I'll be able to get my own gold plated private aircraft and use it as much as I damn well please.’
    • ‘Looking at the rain and grey skies this morning, and with it being Monday, I thought that loud and lively music was in order in an attempt to brighten the mood and increase the work rate.’
    • ‘The need to keep putting on reading glasses to check tag numbers slows the work rate considerably, which is why many prefer the assistance of a good dog in these circumstances.’
    • ‘David Maclean pledged to increase his work rate.’
    • ‘She recalls how her young pupil outshone all her contemporaries with her astonishing work rate and left musicians twice her age trailing in competitions.’
    • ‘I kept them quiet by giving them work that did not make them feel insecure (ie easy work) and by not challenging them about their work rate.’
    • ‘But he claims the country's key attribute is their work rate.’
    • ‘What they do share, however, is a tremendous work rate.’
    • ‘A top communicator, he directs the team well and has a work rate to match.’
    • ‘When I ask him if he's as restless as his work rate suggests, he comes at the reply from an unexpected angle.’
    • ‘Great leaders define themselves not by their work rate but by being true to themselves.’
    1. 1.1The amount of energy that is expended in sport or physical exercise.
      ‘his work rate and tackling were to his normal standard’
      • ‘His work rate ensured that the defence got some necessary breathers that stopped the match turning into a Chelsea siege.’
      • ‘He's powerful, has aggression and is a brilliant tackler of the ball, has a superb work rate and is incredibly determined - a real team player.’
      • ‘His work rate is excellent and rarely puts a foot wrong when playing.’
      • ‘The rest of us have to aspire to the same type of form, match his tackle count and his work rate around the field.’
      • ‘Flo, for all his critics, has an enviable strike rate and his work rate against the French could not be faulted.’
      • ‘Greenberg showed a good work rate and tempo in this round, and shifted through the gears as Kulikauskas was backed up to the ropes and kept there under a volley of heavy looking right and left hooks.’
      • ‘His work rate is phenomenal, his carrying of the ball is awesome and every technical aspect of his play is absolutely watertight.’
      • ‘The work rate was up there, they showed a hunger and a passion to play and if I can get that out of them again then the rest of it should look after itself.’
      • ‘I think the reason why we didn't pick up as many points over Christmas was that our work rate dropped a little.’
      • ‘We showed tactical discipline and a hungry work rate: qualities we need to duplicate.’
      • ‘Lincoln had a good work rate and closed us down very quickly but we didn't move the ball quickly enough.’
      • ‘If you look at his work rate it is something to learn from and I'm really enjoying playing with him.’
      • ‘I was pleased with our work rate, but we have to add finesse and especially ball retention.’
      • ‘Our work rate was not good enough in wide areas and we addressed that at half-time.’
      • ‘He's got a magical left foot and an amazing work rate, even if he is at the wrong end of his thirties.’
      • ‘His work rate and his attitude since his groin injury have been absolutely spot on.’
      • ‘When Robson was in his prime, his work rate was measured, and it was established that he covered 6,000 yards in the course of a game.’
      • ‘Their work rate is crucial but after watching the majority of last season from the sidelines, hard work is the last thing Thomson is afraid of.’
      • ‘It's not rocket science to say that Smith might struggle in some scrums, but his work rate was outstanding as he sought to carry the ball.’
      • ‘He brings honesty and endeavour to the back row, his work rate is amazing and he is incredibly tough.’
      efficiency, production, productiveness, work rate, output, yield, capacity, productive capacity