Meaning of work the streets in English:

work the streets


  • (of a prostitute) seek clients in the street, rather than work in a brothel.

    ‘she works the streets in the city's red light district’
    • ‘There are now about 400 prostitutes working the streets.’
    • ‘I don't believe there are any women working the streets who want to be there.’
    • ‘She spent half of her life working the streets of the major cities of Saskatchewan.’
    • ‘I've been working the streets for around ten months now.’
    • ‘Women who work the streets represent only 10-15% of all prostitutes in the US.’
    • ‘The alternative to working the streets would be employment in one of Edinburgh's thriving saunas.’
    • ‘Access to health and drug workers would be provided, and under-18s would be banned from working the streets.’
    • ‘Lynda has now come off the drugs and the drink - and she has turned her back on working the streets.’
    • ‘The teenager abandoned plans to go to university and now works the streets in Sheffield's red-light area to pay for her addiction.’
    • ‘The committee said as many as 300 child prostitutes work the streets of Regina.’