Meaning of work wonders in English:

work wonders

(also do wonders)


  • Have a very beneficial effect on someone or something.

    ‘a good night's sleep can work wonders for mind and body’
    • ‘The addition of surround effects does wonders for the audio space.’
    • ‘With time running out, Reed brought Iain Dunn, Matty Albery and Paul Stansfield off the bench and the move worked wonders.’
    • ‘Gunnado Farm near Walkaway has not only wonderful views but it does wonders to help young people find their way.’
    • ‘Mountain air does wonders for one's appetite, and there's some memorable cuisine to look forward to.’
    • ‘The mid-term break will do wonders to rest the minds too, because this victory was fashioned and won in the head as much as the flesh.’
    • ‘‘A good nights sleep does wonders for the body,’ Mrs. Kerrigan agreed.’
    • ‘Getting a good nights sleep does wonders for your sex life!’
    • ‘I think this club does wonders for the area and does wonders for the kids.’
    • ‘The loving care of his keepers has worked wonders in Simba, who is able to move around without much difficulty, these days.’
    • ‘I have recovered from my trek in the mountains, just about, though one must admit it does wonders for the toning, just not so good for the feet.’