Meaning of workbench in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwəːkbɛn(t)ʃ/

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  • A flat table or surface at which carpentry or other mechanical or practical work is done.

    ‘Have the board hung above the workbench with each tool's resting place clearly marked.’
    • ‘Tack the lower two boards directly to your workbench to help hold the jig square.’
    • ‘These have a fairly small, short table and are designed to be set up on a workbench or other type of stand.’
    • ‘Wiping up sawdust, on the shop workbench, from drilling or sandpapering is easy.’
    • ‘They offer a wide variety of storage options you may not even have considered, including workbenches, special cabinets, recycling bins-even bicycle hangers-to store all of your stuff and still fit your cars in the garage!’
    • ‘You can buy a workbench or your can make it from scratch.’
    • ‘If your tools have become scattered over the summer, or if they're in a pile on your workbench, now's the time to corral them.’
    • ‘Likewise, plans for our master workbench and router table detail all you need to know to construct these time saving aids.’
    • ‘Clamp the molding in a wood vise, or to a workbench, or on a sawhorse.’
    • ‘It can be placed in a corner of the garage, under a workbench, on a porch or in its own little shed.’
    • ‘I have all my tables and workbenches on rollers, so that I can move things around easily.’
    • ‘A large pile of construction materials, scraps, workbenches, tables and garbage accumulate around the displays as they are being built.’
    • ‘He lays it down on the workbench and stands there, staring out the window.’
    • ‘I bought a plain old mechanic's bench vise and bolted it to my garage workbench.’
    • ‘Sam walked over to a stool in front of a bare workbench and sat down, putting his coffee cup on the workbench.’
    • ‘First, you need a good workbench or kitchen counter with a straight outside edge.’
    • ‘The vise is a workbench tool and should be firmly secured before being used.’
    • ‘The main floor was littered with machinery and workbenches, the bulk and arches of cast-iron lathes, presses, moulds and mini furnaces.’
    • ‘They were spread casually about a large classroom with groups of white desks at the front and workbenches at the back.’
    • ‘Off he trotted back to the workbench and I hit my desk.’
    bench, board, work surface, counter, desk, bar, buffet, stand, workbench, worktable, top, horizontal surface, surface