Meaning of workbox in English:



  • A portable box used for storing or holding tools and materials for activities such as sewing.

    • ‘The mother, never idle, lays her workbox aside and throws her sewing work over the arm of her chair to listen solicitously as her daughter recites a passage from the Bible.’
    • ‘Of these, eleven are tea caddies, ranging in width from 6 1/2 to 8 3/4 inches; four are workboxes, and one smaller example is thought to have been for jewelry.’
    • ‘He remembered Jenny searching her workbox in vain.’
    • ‘Rumil rushed out of the room as the Ruma quickly smashed the minute device with a hammer in its workbox.’
    • ‘Fine and rare items, like the pristine 19th century mother-of-pearl workbox, blonde tortoiseshell tea caddy, together with snuff boxes and Oriental ivories, will bring collectors from far and near.’