Meaning of workday in English:



  • A day on which one works.

    ‘Saturdays were workdays for him’
    • ‘Bulgarian Spa hotels work at full capacity at weekends, but on workdays the number of clients drops by 50 per cent, hotel owners say.’
    • ‘The chief organizer worked the phones, workdays and weekends, keeping the team on track, keeping the mission in everybody's sights.’
    • ‘And no matter what they did on the weekends, the workdays were still long and depressing.’
    • ‘Try to schedule some of your routine chores on workdays so that your days off are more relaxing.’
    • ‘No longer are downtowns deserted at the end of a workday or on weekends, partly because fewer people are commuting out to the suburbs.’
    • ‘Three more workdays to go until my four-day weekend.’
    • ‘The fathers and mothers were asked to choose together a typical workday and nonwork day, usually a weekend day, and then to each fill out a time diary for those two days.’
    • ‘Now, I'm a tired gal, with 2 workdays before the lovely, lovely weekend.’
    • ‘Absenteeism costs British industry 5 billion each year and seven million workdays are lost to stress-related illnesses.’
    • ‘For the four workdays that fall into that period, rush-hour passengers will be taken by bus to nearby stations on alternate lines that will hopefully be able to cope with the extra numbers.’
    • ‘The tiny yet popular restaurant has few guests on weekends because people living in the area tend to go downtown, but on workdays it is hard to get a seat without a reservation.’
    • ‘Sometimes, if it keeps on raining in the daytime on workdays, employees in some factories may be allowed to go back home to save their property.’
    • ‘Social events include meetings with the farmers, harvest festivals, workdays at the farm and evaluations.’
    • ‘The endless workdays took a toll, though, and his marriage broke up.’
    • ‘It works for pottering around in barefoot at home or layered up with thermals, tights and a cardie for winter workdays.’
    • ‘On the morning of the first workday of this year, the company was drowned in such complaints from passengers on Metro Line 2 who were left stranded by a train that broke down.’
    • ‘I can't ever remember London feeling that way on a workday.’
    • ‘Focus on getting through the first workweek, then the weekend, and only then the next five workdays.’
    • ‘The first six days of the week are workdays in which we work hard to produce food and other necessities.’
    • ‘Hmmm… Monday is the second day of the week, the first workday and the worst of all.’