Meaning of working capital in English:

working capital


mass nounFinance
  • The capital of a business which is used in its day-to-day trading operations, calculated as the current assets minus the current liabilities.

    • ‘In the current environment, working capital management may not be top of your agenda but, ideally, it should be.’
    • ‘These might include funds for acquisitions or simply working capital to carry out day-to-day operations.’
    • ‘Some businesses irreparably damage their working capital position by extending unrealistic credit to customers.’
    • ‘Many firms have found it difficult to obtain working capital or export credit.’
    • ‘More important, it also includes investments in long-term assets and working capital.’
    money, finance, finances, funds, the wherewithal, the means, assets, wealth, resources, reserves, deep pockets, stock, principal


working capital