Meaning of working day in English:

working day


  • 1British A day on which one usually works.

    • ‘You must apply for inclusion on the Supplement Register at least fourteen working days before polling day.’
    • ‘The case for abolishing Bank Holidays applies even more to weekends and conventional working days.’
    • ‘It may be issued as late as four working days before election day.’
    • ‘There are not many working days that can beat payday but yesterday was one of them.’
    • ‘Lunch is a vital breathing space during the working day and, these days, the options for eating at lunch-time are greater than ever.’
    • ‘We know how getting a smile first thing in the morning on a working day makes the day all the more bearable.’
    • ‘Municipal offices will open as usual throughout Buffalo City and consumers are encouraged to treat both strike days as normal working days.’
    • ‘The number of working days lost due to sickness for police officers is continuing to fall, according to a new Greater Manchester Police report.’
    • ‘On average, each was off sick for 7.69 days, adding up to 2,330 working days lost.’
    • ‘It provides for an initial assessment within 7 working days and a core assessment within 35 working days.’
    • ‘The ministry will shorten the permit processing to less than seven working days from the current 16 days.’
    • ‘Nothing like a great weekend to prepare for the working days ahead.’
    • ‘Transactions in the spot market involve currencies for immediate delivery, usually within two working days.’
    • ‘Two groups suggested that the standard should be set at 10 days in total and not 10 working days.’
    • ‘To make up for the day off, Saturday December 11 is to be a working day.’
    • ‘Official blocks mostly start at the first working day of the month and stay in place for a longer period of time.’
    • ‘The weeks just melt into one another and you don't know which is a working day and which is the weekend.’
    • ‘I would also be interested to find out how many working days are lost to the council because of alcohol problems.’
    • ‘They can work with the company, typically for up to 10 working days over a period of months to help them re-engineer their business along e-business lines.’
    • ‘Nearly 90% of working days lost due to strikes last year were in the public sector and the recently-privatised industries.’
    twenty-four-hour period, full day, twenty-four hours, working day
    1. 1.1The part of the day devoted or allotted to work.
      ‘a long working day’
      • ‘The DOE said it is using maximum overtime and has introduced extended working days to tackle the problem.’
      • ‘In this context, the normal eight-hour working day and overtime limits are already irrelevant.’
      • ‘I've just checked my email now and, twenty-five minutes into the working day, I've had two replies.’
      • ‘Social researchers are urging employers to reduce workers' long hours, arguing that extended working days were bad for business.’
      • ‘It added an hour and half each day onto my working day so that was my main grievance.’
      • ‘In this second part of the working day, the worker continues to add new value, but receives no payment.’
      • ‘It is quite a tiring environment to work in and that takes a bit of getting used to, especially when the working day is 14 hours with no days off for three months!’
      • ‘He said the official start and finish times did not matter because his working day started in the morning whether the House was in session or not.’
      • ‘I use this time to relax and unwind, reflect on my working day, and prepare myself for the following day.’
      • ‘Unlucky for him, the working day of the secretaries was over for the weekend.’
      • ‘A lot of work was accomplished in a short two weeks but a twelve-hour working day, and a seven day week, got the job done.’
      • ‘Not sparing his own health, his working day lasted twelve to fourteen hours, and he continued to toil into the small hours of the night.’
      • ‘All these photocopying establishments do a roaring business every hour of the working day.’
      • ‘All this took place after the normal working day: at evenings, weekends or in other free time.’
      • ‘Schools may have to resort to a four-day week or shorter working days under a new deal to cut extra teacher workloads caused by the profession's recruitment crisis.’
      • ‘With a tight shooting schedule and 11-hour working days, Smyth works in much closer contact with members of the public than most people in his industry.’


working day