Meaning of working girl in English:

working girl


  • 1informal A woman who goes out to work rather than remaining at home.

    • ‘I'm a working girl myself, but life is about choice and what women have reclaimed is the right to choose.’
    • ‘As I'm a working girl I may as well start with what I wear to work.’
    • ‘Now that I'm an out-of-the-house working girl, making time to exercise takes a little more premeditation.’
    • ‘Without question, a lifetime of hard physical labor at low paying employment led Angela to become an ardent advocate of labor reform for working girls.’
    • ‘She said was inspired by the working girl who dresses to impress at the office.’
    1. 1.1euphemistic A prostitute.
      • ‘As well as the brothels and working girls there are a number of licensed cafes and nightclubs.’
      • ‘Small groups of working girls are gathered along the street, paced evenly, plying their trade in the gloom of the night.’
      • ‘Dolly is dithering between the working girls and the day spa girls.’
      • ‘The girls at the bar were working girls and, one way or another, you had to pay to have sex with them.’
      • ‘From the early 1940s until the mid-1970s the building was occupied by the Catherine Club, a boardinghouse for working girls that provided supervision as well as shelter.’
      • ‘Even worse, many of such laboring, lower-class women were likely to fall under the pernicious influences of the preying men and immoral working girls around them.’
      • ‘‘Oh,’ one of the working girls from last night moved to get out of the steaming wooden tub but Midori waved her back to her seat.’
      • ‘Sally never spoke rudely to any of the working girls.’
      • ‘A few working girls also lingered, but Midori let them be for now.’
      • ‘The gang of burglars confessed to targeting homes of foreigners and Thais alike, mainly targeting the more prosperous working girls.’
      • ‘After her retirement, and until her death in 1930, she was actively connected with an experiment in adult education for working girls.’
      • ‘Some were high end working girls, but could be cover-models on a magazine!’
      • ‘We only work one hotel for no more than a week, and the staff just figure us for working girls.’
      • ‘I personally found it just a little too negative with respect to the working girls.’
      • ‘He's a bit stuck up and rude to everyone, but to the working girls he is very charming.’
      • ‘His smile grew even broader. ‘I like a girl with spirit,’ he slurred. ‘And I particularly like a working girl.’
      • ‘One working girl is leaving the life to get married; only her fiancé doesn't know her past.’
      • ‘Who would believe a working girl's word against his?’
      • ‘A prostitute has been banned from Blackburn's red light district as part of a crackdown on working girls operating near people's homes.’
      • ‘By befriending and not judging the working girls, Tricia and her team hope to support those who want to give up their work on the street.’


working girl