Meaning of working load in English:

working load


  • The maximum load that a machine or other structure is designed to bear.

    ‘The criterion for limiting crack widths in the code was strictly followed, which limited the stresses in the steel reinforcement arising from normal working loads.’
    • ‘During the last couple of years, most suppliers have developed longer and larger diameter pipe braces with a safe working load almost 50 percent stronger than earlier braces, which allows them to accommodate the taller panels.’
    • ‘Lifting hardware is subjected to wear, overloading, corrosion, rusting, deformation, heat, bending, intentional alteration, and many other factors that may affect its safe working load.’
    • ‘Most pipe brace anchors on the market today have been tested and their safe working load determined as a result of static tests, a means in which a single load - tension, compression, or an angle - is applied to the brace anchor.’
    • ‘As these pipe braces were extended to their maximum length or used with a pipe extension, their safe working load was significantly reduced to about 3750 pounds.’
    • ‘The working stress, which serves as a convenient surrogate measure for the working load, is the force normally experienced by a structure normalized with respect to the cross-sectional area of the structure.’
    • ‘The faulty hoist was carrying more than its allowable working load of tiles when it collapsed injuring the four workers who had to be released from the wreckage by the fire brigade and taken to hospital in a serious condition.’