Meaning of working memory in English:

working memory


  • 1Psychology
    The part of short-term memory which is concerned with immediate conscious perceptual and linguistic processing.

    • ‘The battery included tests of short-term memory, working memory, ideational fluency and verbal learning.’
    • ‘Since James's time, it has been variously called immediate memory, short-term memory, and working memory.’
    • ‘The statistical methods used to examine these data can give people scores on verbal comprehension, perceptual organization, working memory, and processing speed.’
    • ‘Short-term memory and working memory were measured because memory could affect the children's writing performance.’
    • ‘It is argued here that both the perceptual and working memory stages can have their own levels of complexity.’
  • 2Computing
    An area of high-speed memory used to store programs or data currently in use.

    • ‘Whereas gzip uses only 32 kilobytes of working memory during compression, rzip can use up to 900 megabytes, but that's okay because memory is getting cheaper and cheaper.’
    • ‘Like RAM, the information stored in working memory is dumped when it is no longer needed.’
    • ‘It contains also 50 percent more internal working memory, supporting the next-generation operating systems, such as Microsoft Longhorn.’
    • ‘In the same way that a computer with a larger working memory can crank through problems more quickly, people with a greater capacity for holding images in their heads are expected to have better reasoning and problem-solving skills.’
    • ‘It is the primary working memory in a computer used for the temporary storage of programs and data and in which the data can be accessed directly and modified.’