Meaning of working paper in English:

working paper


  • 1An official document certifying that a person is eligible to undertake paid work in a particular country, region, etc.; specifically (in some states in the United States) a document entitling a person under a particular age (usually 16 or 18) to be employed. Now chiefly in plural Compare working card .

  • 2North American Accounting
    In plural A set of documents or files in which an auditor records and holds the preliminary data for an audit.

  • 3A report written by an official committee or group appointed to investigate some aspect of law, education, health, etc., often containing recommendations for action based on its findings.

  • 4A preliminary draft or version of an academic paper made available for commentary, discussion, or feedback.


Mid 19th century. From working + paper.


working paper

/ˈwəːkɪŋ ˌpeɪpə/