Meaning of working party in English:

working party

(also working group)


  • A committee or group appointed to study and report on a particular question and make recommendations based on its findings.

    • ‘Other stimuli for legislation may come from pressure groups, individual MPs, reports of Royal Commissions, and recommendations from committees, working parties, or other expert bodies.’
    • ‘But no matter what the issue, the FSA runs to them and invites them to come on to one of its steering committees, working parties or contribute to a lengthy consultation process.’
    • ‘The council will assemble a working party which will start organising the Christmas switch-on.’
    • ‘We have talked to various groups and parents, and working parties will report back.’
    • ‘Meetings of ministers are prepared by national officials in the committees and working groups of the Council.’
    • ‘The students then were organised into working parties based on their particular interests.’
    • ‘However, issues such as capacity and availability management are left to steering committees and working groups, rather than being considered by the board.’
    • ‘A report of a joint working group of the royal colleges made that point abundantly clear in 1996.’
    • ‘Set up a working party, including trade unions, staff, smokers, human resources, health and safety staff’
    • ‘However, it is understood the company may put off a decision until the working party releases its final report next month.’
    • ‘In response to the report, a working party has been established to consider the implementation of the recommendations.’
    • ‘Recommendations about boundary levels are submitted from the subcommissions and working groups to the commission for approval.’
    • ‘Further public meetings will follow, giving all fans the chance to discuss the working party's findings and recommendations.’
    • ‘A Government working party is recommending that the animal be given increased legal protection.’
    • ‘Now a working party of parents and governors is hoping that freshly cooked foods will improve attendance.’
    • ‘The new Forum has set up three working parties to study planning policy, transport and sustainability, liaison and publicity, and social responsibilities, all with the object of coming up with new solutions.’
    • ‘The members often ignore advice given by their officers and reject recommendations put forward by working groups set up to address problems and impose their own solutions.’
    • ‘He is also involved in a number of government working groups on equality and education and is chairman of the National Commission for Black Staff in Further Education.’
    • ‘The working groups are due to report back in April.’
    • ‘There are working groups and study groups still debating the issues.’
    group, gang, mob, pack, troop, troupe, company, party, bevy, crew, body, working party, posse


working party