Meaning of workpeople in English:


plural noun

  • People in paid employment, especially in manual or industrial labour.

    • ‘Scores of their workpeople have been employed at the mills all their lives, and the intimate and friendly relations between them and their masters were of a character practically unknown under modern business Conditions.’
    • ‘Each shirt is made by skilled workpeople, from sound materials, and is guaranteed to wear well and resist the washtub.’
    • ‘It was fortunate that no workpeople were in the room below, or they would have been crushed to death.’
    • ‘It may have been a summons to the workpeople of some manufactory, it may have been like all the other experiences of that strange night.’
    • ‘We're a fledgling club, we rely on Eltham College students, local workpeople, as most clubs would do, but we're a young club, we're not that financial, and we rely on players paying their fees for playing for the year.’