Meaning of workplace in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwəːkpleɪs/

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  • A place where people work, such as an office or factory.

    ‘health and safety in the workplace’
    • ‘workplace nurseries’
    • ‘There is clearly something going on with workers in the offices, factories and workplaces of Britain.’
    • ‘Smoking is banned in all workplaces, including hospitality venues, in California.’
    • ‘The atmosphere inside workplaces like the Parklands office has been horrible.’
    • ‘We have to get outside factories and workplaces catching shift changes so we can give out leaflets.’
    • ‘A wave of euphoria swept across shops and workplaces as thousands of people got behind the lads in their bid for glory.’
    • ‘The Minister said people had to recognise that pubs were workplaces for thousands.’
    • ‘Simply raise the minimum wage for staff in bars or other workplaces that have smokers.’
    • ‘We are trying to bring the union shop stewards from both workplaces together and launch a campaign to save jobs.’
    • ‘I like doing the job out and about in the workplace - I don't like being in the office at all.’
    • ‘However, in some workplaces such as bars, smoking is entirely appropriate.’
    • ‘You don't get it by standing around burning wood, but by getting out into workplaces and communities.’
    • ‘We will work with and fight alongside people in their communities, workplaces and colleges.’
    • ‘Supporters also organise to sell the paper on high streets, outside stations or workplaces.’
    • ‘But you only felt it when we started going out into the workplaces and communities.’
    • ‘Hold stalls to sell tickets for the march outside shops, workplaces and colleges.’
    • ‘Whenever I picket my workplace the police tell us that the law says we can only have six people on the picket line.’
    • ‘The workplace causes stress, yet so few workplaces offer employees ways to combat it.’
    • ‘Hence, few homes and workplaces are going to be walking distance from the station.’
    • ‘Many have been surprised by visits from teams of officers at their homes and workplaces.’
    • ‘That means a ban on smoking in restaurants and pubs in the same way as there is in most workplaces.’
    office, workroom, workplace, place of work, studio, library