Meaning of workplace agreement in English:

workplace agreement


  • An agreement between employers and employees on wages and conditions.

    ‘IT workers held stop-work meetings to discuss a new workplace agreement’
    • ‘There is a tendency to get people into independent corporations where they are negotiating workplace agreements.’
    • ‘Those people who would have to pay the fee, would they have separate workplace agreements?’
    • ‘It is very helpful to see how these workplace agreements work in the structure of the Act.’
    • ‘The changes that can be worked through a workplace agreement are major.’
    • ‘At the moment, under the current no disadvantage test that Australian workplace agreements and certified agreements are measured against, annual leave is often cut down.’
    • ‘The Coalition government does not like unions and favours individual workplace agreements.’
    • ‘The lockout is an attempt to force its employees to accept a new workplace agreement.’
    • ‘They offered better wages and conditions only to workers who signed individual workplace agreements.’
    • ‘It does support the negotiation of collective workplace agreements between workers in their unions and their employers.’
    • ‘Employees would have the 'right' to vote unions out of workplace agreements.’