Meaning of works council in English:

works council


  • A group of employees representing a workforce in discussions with their employers.

    • ‘In the 1920s, employers referred to works councils and employee representation plans as industrial democracy, while unions saw them as little more than company unions.’
    • ‘An alliance of works councils, unions and employee groups took the action to try and stymie cuts expected to claim between 10,000 and 13,000 jobs.’
    • ‘The company is relying on the various trade unions and works councils to suppress opposition to the job cuts, which sparked protests in Germany and strikes in France in April.’
    • ‘The source of this reaction by trade unions and works councils is to be found in their nationalist and pro-capitalist program.’
    • ‘At the level of the individual firm, employees protect their interests by electing representatives to company works councils.’
    • ‘The members of these works councils are elected.’
    • ‘The coverage is comprehensive, ranging from quality circles and other problem-solving groups through teams, representation on boards of directors, works councils, and producers' cooperatives.’
    • ‘The labour law introduced last December ended collective bargaining as well as the rights to establish works councils and participate in management.’
    • ‘Delegates are using European directives and examples in the hope of bringing in worker-management works councils, with guaranteed consultation between the two sides on all key decisions.’
    • ‘Many businesspeople feel punch-drunk as they try to cope with new rules on working time, trade union recognition and European works councils.’
    • ‘One example is the creation of independent works councils, without the participation of employers.’
    • ‘We currently are in the consultation process with the relevant works councils.’
    • ‘Industry would be de-centralized, which meant that factories would be run by works councils instead of being controlled from the capital by party officials.’
    • ‘Most strikingly, unions and works councils are rare.’
    • ‘Kenneth readily describes how these cuts - which bring in 100 million euros annually for GM - were prepared and imposed by the works council and trade union.’
    • ‘This must include a critical examination of the behaviour of the leadership of the works council and the trade union.’
    • ‘We will be discussing with the works council how best we can help employees find alternative work.’
    • ‘Staff expect the works council will only consider the strong business case behind the move.’
    • ‘‘The management board is prepared to make its contribution only if there is a successful conclusion in the negotiations with the works council,’ he said.’
    • ‘Job losses, as the Chair of the works council observed, were an integral part of the restructuring process by the company to achieve greater flexibility.’


works council