Meaning of works of supererogation in English:

works of supererogation


  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) actions believed to form a reserve fund of merit that can be drawn on by prayer in favour of sinners.

    ‘Such persons, by virtue of their vows, were in a state of perfection and, by fulfilling the counsels, their ‘works of supererogation’ produced more merit than those who simply followed the Ten Commandments.’
    • ‘The whole theory of indulgences and works of supererogation rests upon a false notion of our relation to God.’
    • ‘The practice of granting indulgences was based on the Catholic doctrine of works of supererogation.’
    • ‘This section is levelled against the doctrine of the Church of Rome, respecting works of supererogation.’
    • ‘It is often said that works of supererogation involve going beyond the call of duty, doing good in a way which transcends the requirements of moral obligation.’
    • ‘Nor does he require of us good works to atone for our sins or works of supererogation to atone for the sins of others.’
    • ‘For it was he who attempted to curry God's favor by works of supererogation.’