Meaning of worksite in English:



  • An area where an industry is located or where work takes place.

    • ‘One solution is to set up a small area near the worksite with tea and coffee-making facilities that builders can use without going into your kitchen.’
    • ‘Data may be collected in many settings, including schools, colleges/universities, community agencies, worksites and healthcare settings.’
    • ‘A free postal service has been set up by Sheffield Council to help residents contact the authority's offices and worksites.’
    • ‘His letter was well-received and has been discussed time and again at home and worksites where our people reside and work.’
    • ‘He said parents needed to realise that home renovation could turn a child's safe haven into an industrial worksite.’
    • ‘Manufacturing worksites were more likely than nonmanufacturing worksites to terminate employees who test positive for drug use.’
    • ‘Also, many factories and worksites have been destroyed in the fighting, and the remaining ones face the problem of getting materials shipped in from outside their city.’
    • ‘In addition, many worksites have facilities that can be modified to accommodate numbers of people interested in educational messages.’
    • ‘However, no systematic difference in distribution of worksites was observed between participants and nonparticipants.’
    • ‘Pipe fitters, electrical and sheet metal workers, brick masons and ironworkers were reported to have honored picket lines at the stadium worksite.’
    • ‘Other good resources include your family physician or the Wellness program at your worksite or local hospital.’
    • ‘I challenge all forward-thinking worksites to consider installing the 15-minute nap station.’
    • ‘The goal is to decrease exposure to provocative actions through patient education, as well as through appropriate ergonomic changes in the worksite area.’
    • ‘With the economy slumping for the past few years, the number of people alienated from the state, worksites, neighbors and even their families has sharply increased.’
    • ‘Union activity at other Colombian worksites, including several run by American companies, has been greeted with terror.’
    • ‘‘I've seen him on worksites and he can look old and tired,’ says the insider.’
    • ‘Well, can we look at how you're going to deal with law breakers in the business world on worksites?’
    • ‘Workers should also refrain from deserting their worksites at this difficult time.’
    • ‘For one thing, it needs a base beyond the worksite.’
    • ‘At the time I reached the camp, it was almost deserted, as workers had been trucked to a distant worksite, returning only late in the evening.’