Meaning of workstation in English:



  • 1A desktop computer terminal, typically networked and more powerful than a personal computer.

    • ‘The Dell range of products includes personal computers, workstations, laptops, file servers, storage devices and, recently, printers.’
    • ‘To avoid booting from floppy disks, the workstations needed bootable network cards.’
    • ‘This kind of computing can transform a local network of workstations into a virtual supercomputer.’
    • ‘It will feature high-end multimedia workstations, networked wireless laptops and express-type terminals.’
    • ‘The network includes everything from workstations to super computers.’
    • ‘However, physical access control provides a very limited degree of protection for computer resources, which can include networks, PCs, workstations and laptops.’
    • ‘It costs less to make a cluster computer out of a group of personal computers or workstations than to buy a supercomputer to perform enormous mathematical tasks.’
    • ‘Development was done using desktop and lab workstations, targeting laptop and embedded computers for field use.’
    • ‘Dell will trim prices by up to 22 percent on desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers, monitors and, of course, printers.’
    • ‘Access to the workstation is provided by personal computers, which run Windows 95.’
    • ‘Symantec plans to develop versions of the software for servers, workstations, laptops and handheld devices.’
    • ‘Traditionally, legacy applications, or green screens, are accessed from modern desktop workstations using emulation software.’
    • ‘You can also run it on your personal workstation since the Linux tools can run in the background.’
    • ‘MIT's goal was to build their existing assortment of incompatible workstations from various manufacturers into a network of graphical workstations.’
    • ‘Copying from multiple drives on multiple workstations over a slow network further compounds the problems and is an almost certain prescription for not matching the potential performance of tape drives with the flow of data.’
    • ‘The design and built quality make it a good choice for a file server on a local network or an advanced workstation.’
    • ‘The Enterprise line is designed for professional use on mission-critical servers or corporate workstations with powerful hardware and the need for the highest possible stability.’
    • ‘You want to backup networked user workstations.’
    • ‘Managing the storage inside desktops, workstations and servers in an office can be a daunting task as each computer has its own disk drive containing data that must be backed up, restored and archived.’
    • ‘Because the program also works as a time server, it can synchronize network workstations that don't have Internet connection.’
    workstation, VDU, visual display unit, PC, input device, output device
  • 2An area where work of a particular nature is carried out, such as a specific location on an assembly line.

    • ‘It occupies an area of 600 square metres and covers the 11 workstations that assemble and fit the injection system.’
    • ‘Most of the 60 million Euro investment paid for 44 robots in the body shop and a new assembly line with 50 workstations.’
    • ‘Glass walls around the collaborative area and low partitioned workstations allow for plenty of natural light.’
    • ‘They will set up self-service workstations in the departure areas of airports and seaports that will require the scanning of passports and fingerprinting to validate departures.’
    • ‘Well, now that we are done with the description of our workstation components and assembly tips, let's move towards some practice.’
    • ‘Employees may be moving from closed offices to open-plan workstations, requiring changes in how they conduct confidential interviews or speaker-phone conference calls.’
    • ‘It can also be adapted to rolling-cart workstations.’
    • ‘He was the driving force behind filling and sending three previous containers to Zambia, which helped the Irish Brothers establish various workstations, including a motor workshop and an engineering shop.’
    • ‘To better handle the number of Navy students in each class, the galley areas at Kendall College are outfitted with several stainless steel workstations.’
    • ‘‘We ask them how many workstations they have throughout trim, chassis and final assembly,’ says Harbour.’
    • ‘Each Aston Martin chassis is checked on a coordinate measuring machine prior to entering the final assembly line, which is made up of 30 workstations.’
    • ‘Personal or other items that might distract workers from their specific duties have been banned from workstations, including coffee and snacks.’
    • ‘Steps include installation of workstations in the surgical pathology gross dissection areas.’
    • ‘Of those who did use at work, the most popular locations were an ‘other’ work location, one's workstation, in the bathroom, or in the parking lot.’
    • ‘The first step was to analyze the entire work envelope, with emphasis on bottleneck areas, man-hours per workstation and number of technicians per station.’
    • ‘If a galley isn't an option, ensure there's plenty of space in the pantry to work, or create a workstation with doors, which can be closed when the area is not in use.’
    • ‘The officers will have desks not in closed cubicles but at separate workstations, not different from those in corporate offices.’
    • ‘Today, there is at least one computer in every workstation.’
    • ‘At each workstation is a computer equipped with a mouse used to mark the attribute scales presented on the computer monitor.’
    • ‘Within four weeks, his team developed an alternative to the traditional cubicle - workstations that combine a computer, desk and treadmill into one unit.’