Meaning of workup in English:



  • 1US A diagnostic examination of a patient.

    ‘a full neurological workup’
    • ‘The patient underwent a diagnostic workup that included a colonoscopy and computed tomographic scan.’
    • ‘We present a case in which the pressure-volume (P-V) curve proved invaluable in the diagnostic workup of a patient.’
    • ‘The patient underwent a staging workup that included computed tomography scans of the chest and abdomen and bilateral bone marrow biopsies and aspirates.’
    • ‘Complete workup and diagnosis of malakoplakia are possible even in specimens as small as those obtained with a needle core biopsy.’
    • ‘This review examines current approaches in the workup and treatment of patients suffering from airway impairment.’
    • ‘Information used to code the injury is obtained from surgical findings or diagnostic workups.’
    • ‘The patient underwent an extensive workup for additional metastatic disease; none was found.’
    • ‘Iron deficiency requires a diagnostic workup to determine the underlying cause of the deficiency, medical intervention to correct it, and replacement iron therapy.’
    • ‘Anyone who has prolonged hiccups, however, should have a diagnostic workup to rule out a serious medical condition.’
    • ‘The diagnostic workup, including imaging studies, was negative for identifying the source of sepsis.’
    • ‘The diagnostic workup of a child with back pain should always commence with a proper history and physical exam.’
    • ‘Patients who complain of fatigue are typically given a complete workup.’
    • ‘Bleeding in the brain can sometimes be responsible for these ‘exertional’ headaches, which is why it is crucial to get a complete neurological workup.’
    • ‘The initial workup included documentation of the patient's history, physical examination, and performance score.’
    • ‘The patient was initially admitted to the medical intensive care unit, where she had a full workup and was found to have a gastric mass.’
    • ‘The patient refused additional metastatic workup, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.’
    • ‘A detailed physical examination and radiologic workup failed to reveal a primary tumor elsewhere.’
    • ‘This can be done only if the antibody workup is completed prior to the initiation of surgery.’
    • ‘The diagnostic workup begins with a thyroid-stimulating hormone level test.’
    • ‘Therefore, the workup would be complete with a single test.’
    1. 1.1Chemistry A series of experimental procedures carried out to separate and purify substances for analysis.
      • ‘Hydrophobic integral membrane proteins are prone to sample losses during the workup and analysis.’
      • ‘After workup, the yield of Xe - C 60 is roughly 0.3%.’
      • ‘In this latter situation, molecular analysis should be part of a routine workup for a suspected malignant process.’
      • ‘Sample workup, hybridization, and analysis were performed as described previously.’
      • ‘That falls apart on workup to two carbonyl compounds (or other things, depending on what you add to the reaction.)’
  • 2(in a military context) a period of training or preparation, typically for a specific operation.

    ‘the first Harrier squadron began its workup’
    • ‘The period culminated in a workup and operational readiness evaluation that took place in the Northern Australia exercise area in October.’
    • ‘He will allow them to plan and cost fleet activities such as maintenance, workups and operations, as well as identify the cost of alternative schedules.’
    • ‘He said he had a busy schedule ahead, starting with an operational workup.’
    • ‘You asked for outstanding workups, interoperability, boat work, jackstay evolutions, replenishments at sea, gunnery, air sorties, anti-submarine warfare, anti-air warfare and navigation.’
    • ‘He was in waters off Adelaide on a workup.’