Meaning of workweek in English:



North American
  • The total number of hours or days worked in a week.

    ‘we need a shorter workweek and protected benefits for contract workers’
    • ‘The small print on one flier noted that a one-year contract was based on a six-day workweek, 12 hours per day.’
    • ‘‘You hear about chefs putting in 80-hour workweeks,’ he says.’
    • ‘And Murphy, who typically puts in 80-to 100-hour workweeks, says more spin-offs are in the works.’
    • ‘When others are putting in 60-hour workweeks, these clever souls have found ways to get out of the office early and often.’
    • ‘In this very tight job market, more and more employers are agreeing to reduced hour workweeks and more flexible work schedules.’
    • ‘Thus, it was not uncommon for me to work consecutive 60-hour workweeks.’
    • ‘Even those at the top were not immune to the stress created by 70-hour workweeks.’
    • ‘She was enjoying the life she had and had no interest in going back to 55-hour workweeks.’
    • ‘Think of all you do before you figure the hours of your workweek.’
    • ‘Average manufacturing overtime increased in November to 4.4 hours and the workweek to 40.8 hours.’
    • ‘Workers, many of them immigrants, say they received only $75 in wages for 60-and 70-hour workweeks.’
    • ‘The average workweek shrank to 36.6 hours from 36.7 in June.’
    • ‘The state of Bavaria has extended the workweek to 42 hours from 40.’
    • ‘German Railways, similarly, plans to increase its standard workweek from 38 hours to 42.’
    • ‘However, a campaign promise to further reduce the workweek to 35 hours was never implemented.’
    • ‘Previously, a special permit was required if the mandatory workweek exceeded 48 hours.’
    • ‘Although he also likes to fish, camp and play softball, finding time in a six-day workweek to do any of that is a real challenge.’
    • ‘South Korea is one of the world's only industrialized nations to still have a six-day workweek.’
    • ‘This could mean more flexible schedules, a compressed workweek or a part-time working schedule.’
    • ‘I've been doing more of this lately - the workweek now starts Saturday evening and goes straight through to Friday morning.’