Meaning of world-renowned in English:



  • Famous throughout the world.

    ‘the iconic work of a world-renowned architect’
    • ‘The world renowned artist had previously sculpted President Truman and other world leaders from life.’
    • ‘He shares how psychology helped him become a world-renowned author.’
    • ‘We are trying to attract world-renowned brands to this area to create a high-end business district.’
    • ‘Our city has been a world-renowned centre of this craft since medieval times.’
    • ‘Once inside the VIP areas, fancy fans have access to exclusive restaurants staffed with world-renowned chefs.’
    • ‘The keynote lecture will be delivered by a world-renowned expert in dinosaur bone microstructure.’
    • ‘He flew to the USA last week to hold talks with a world-renowned expert on future technology, who is an adviser to the Pentagon as well as many top companies.’
    • ‘Italian cuisine is world-renowned for its use of superb seasonal ingredients and simple cooking methods.’
    • ‘Five world-renowned scientists have been recognized for their seminal contributions to cancer research.’
    • ‘The world renowned singer is back to her best and looking fabulous.’