Meaning of world-shattering in English:



  • (in hyperbolic use) of supreme importance or having a momentous effect.

    ‘world-shattering monumental events’
    ‘not much in the way of world-shattering news’
    • ‘Some reporters get world-shattering scoops that change the course of history.’
    • ‘This is not, obviously, a world-shattering problem nor is it ever 100% solvable.’
    • ‘If a world-shattering story breaks then we have to make sure that journalists can continue to work.’
    • ‘What world-shattering innovations will take place in the decades to come?’
    • ‘This was not a world-shattering event but the dreaded homework was instrumental in curtailing many of my activities.’
    • ‘This is hardly a world-shattering revelation, I know, but bear with me.’
    • ‘While this isn't a world-shattering occasion, I can count on one hand the number of times my wife has dropped a surprise date on me in our almost ten years of marriage.’
    • ‘First broadcast on the BBC in 1964, The Great War was to be the definitive film account of the world-shattering events of 1914-1918.’
    • ‘In its day this was a world-shattering breakthrough.’
    • ‘The writer is able to counterbalance world-shattering disasters with archly interpersonal tragedies.’
    important, significant, epoch-making, historic, apocalyptic, headline, fateful, portentous, critical, crucial, vital, life-and-death, decisive, pivotal, serious, grave, weighty, consequential, big, great, far-reaching, life-changing, of importance, of moment, of significance, of consequence