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World Cup


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  • 1A competition between teams from several countries in a sport, in particular an international soccer tournament held every four years.

    1. 1.1A trophy awarded for a World Cup.
      ‘It seems like it takes a World Cup or an Olympic Games for this country to realise how far behind the rest of the sporting world we are.’
      • ‘The one small mercy to be thankful for was that this was not a World Cup qualifier.’
      • ‘France play the Republic of Ireland in a World Cup qualifying game in Paris.’
      • ‘To win a World Cup you need a few players to chip in with goals, not just rely on one player to get five or six.’
      • ‘The ambitions for a World Cup final, though, are larger than the match itself is ever likely to be.’
      • ‘If that meant dropping out of a World Cup, that was what Calvin would have wanted.’
      • ‘He is a special player and setting a World Cup record is a marvellous achievement.’
      • ‘You must take your best players to a World Cup if you want to have any chance of winning it.’
      • ‘And yet, somehow, after that, it was decided that England was ready to host a World Cup.’
      • ‘Not many coaches have led a team into the quarter-finals of a World Cup, so I'm satisfied.’
      • ‘What appeared to be the turning point for him was when he failed to turn up for a World Cup qualifying match in Albania.’
      • ‘You wouldn't have thought these teams are on the verge of a World Cup semi-final.’
      • ‘This is the fifth rematch within a World Cup, and Brazil will have been in three of them.’
      • ‘When was the last time an England coach had to warn his players of the danger of complacency in a World Cup qualifier?’
      • ‘Whenever there is a World Cup or European Championship, Tom is unashamedly first to the plane.’
      • ‘The pity is, a few of these players may never get another chance to feature in a World Cup final.’
      • ‘With nine men and five women this is the first time Great Britain has fielded a full team at a World Cup event.’
      • ‘Motivation hardly seems necessary for a World Cup final but for them there is an added incentive.’
      • ‘To survive that long would mean one more tour of Australia and a World Cup in South Africa.’
      • ‘There is a depth to the European Championship that cannot even be found at a World Cup.’