Meaning of world language in English:

world language


  • 1A language known or spoken in many countries.

    • ‘Not to be outdone, the French, ever concerned about the inevitable decline of their language as a world language, have decided to emulate the Anglo-Saxons by beginning to put online the whole content of the Bibliothèque Nationale.’
    • ‘In the past decade there's been no let-up in the way that English has continued to grow as a world language.’
    • ‘Then in her last few paragraphs she gets to what one might reasonably think is the point, the establishment of English as a world language.’
    • ‘Did I forget to mention that English is the official world language?’
    • ‘It is also the reason why people believe that English is a world language.’
    • ‘A single world language would in all probability do very little to advance peace.’
    • ‘For instance, I've talked about this being a world language, which of course it is.’
    • ‘The price a world language must be prepared to pay is submission to many different kinds of use.’
    • ‘Between them, these young people speak every major world language, many speak more than one.’
    • ‘At one point, the comedian vowed to establish Pidgin as a world language by January, 2000, and mounted a National Theatre production of Macbeth translated into Pidgin - which he insists is an improvement on the original.’
    • ‘He continues: ‘if English is to be the world language, there are some things that need to be cleaned up‘.’
    • ‘English is already the premier world language in many respects, and this century will see its rapid extension and consolidation.’
    • ‘And so there was a need - though usually unfelt - for an independent publication which could offer this material in a world language.’
    • ‘This must of course be less true with English language culture than for any other today because of English's world language status.’
    • ‘Many smaller languages are dying out due to the spread of a few world languages such as English, French, or Chinese.’
    • ‘Even as English has become the poster child of multi-racialism among world languages, as a language it has come to embody a global chain of social/racial command organized by English-speaking economic elites.’
    • ‘Another French word incorporated into world languages, albeit with some transformation, was tenez, the original word for tennis.’
    • ‘Barbieri School also provides Spanish as a world language for grades K - 3 to students in the standard curriculum classes.’
    • ‘The governments meeting in Geneva agreed ‘to encourage the development of content and to put in place technical conditions in order to facilitate the presence and use of all world languages on the Internet’.’
    • ‘The program rewards schools which emerged with new ways of teaching world languages and focus on the international dimension of every major subject, including math, science, languages arts, history, geography and economics.’
    1. 1.1An artificial language for international use.
      ‘there have been attempts to introduce a standard world language’
      • ‘The President reckoned that although English was doing quite well as a world language, they wanted Esperanto to become the next world language.’
      • ‘I think Esperanto should be the world language!’


world language