Meaning of world music in English:

world music


mass noun
  • Traditional music from the developing world, sometimes incorporating elements of Western popular music.

    • ‘I love pop music, I love world music, I love opera, so I want to do many things, and I don't hesitate to do them.’
    • ‘Say what you will about sitar music or world music in general, but without a doubt, Ravi Shankar is a superstar in his own right.’
    • ‘All of these ingredients - traditional songs, world music - in Italy encountered a series of blocks.’
    • ‘For many of us, world music means all things reggae.’
    • ‘I was fascinated by this idea for a compilation album of world music.’
    • ‘Undeniably influenced by her Portugese roots and a range of folk and world music, the diversity of instruments and vocal styles on this album is breathtaking.’
    • ‘It's been referred to as world music, flamenco, Spanish guitar, folk, etc, so how would you categorise it?’
    • ‘Yet while he works within scales commonly associated with other cultures, his sound defies any overt connection to world music.’
    • ‘Mickey Hart, longtime percussionist for the Grateful Dead, knows a thing or two about world music and field recording.’
    • ‘After classical music, folk, world music, show songs, digital arts and jazz, the National Centre for Early Music is adding another string to its bow this autumn.’
    • ‘Formed in 1965, The Incredible String Band mixed acid-rock with world music and Scottish folk.’
    • ‘So I would have festivals within the festival, centred around jazz, or early music, or world music.’
    • ‘The festival features an authentic selection of performing artistes from the world music genre.’


world music