Meaning of worldliness in English:



mass noun
  • 1The quality of being experienced and sophisticated.

    ‘both display wisdom and worldliness of much older men’
    ‘my transition from childish cluelessness to teenage worldliness’
    • ‘At the time I was gobsmacked at his sheer lack of worldliness.’
    • ‘Supposedly, we are mature, educated individuals who boast a worldliness beyond our years.’
    • ‘To the cosmopolitan elite, wine means sophistication, worldliness, a place on the global stage.’
    • ‘Modern fiction, like high heels, make-up, alcohol, TV, was indicative of worldliness - a give-away sign of the Devil's intent.’
    • ‘In her book she describes herself as "a mixture of hopeful innocence and weary worldliness".’
  • 2Concern with material values or ordinary life rather than a spiritual existence.

    ‘Chaucer drew attention to clerical avarice and worldliness’
    • ‘Our thought has become enslaved by 'worldliness'.’
    • ‘Buddism's call to renounce worldliness is itself a call for separation, akin to Christianity's.’
    • ‘But when I got a better grasp of biblical teaching, I saw worldliness in sharper perspective.’
    • ‘The villages slowly slip into a mood that reflects a superb blend of spirituality and worldliness.’
    • ‘This violated Quaker ideas about the vanity and worldliness of such titles, for they believed that Christ respected no man's person.’