Meaning of worldly-wise in English:


Pronunciation /ˌwəːldlɪˈwʌɪz/

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  • Prepared by experience for life's difficulties; not easily shocked or deceived.

    ‘Lisa was sufficiently worldly-wise to understand the situation’
    • ‘Their recovery periods are a lot quicker and they are a lot more mature and worldly-wise.’
    • ‘It also appeals to defeatists, cynics, and worldly-wise men who are not prepared to try to change the system.’
    • ‘These guards were surely worldly-wise and shrewd, but they were clearly not educated to the same degree as the scribes and Pharisees.’
    • ‘And a more balanced, mature, worldly-wise young man you would be hard pushed to find.’
    • ‘Where East meets West, the old is new, the young are worldly-wise, the wilds are pristine, and the 20 th-century shadows of war are giving way to a hip and happening 21 st-century place to find peace.’
    • ‘Oxford, after all, is home not only to what is a generally worldly-wise collection of minds but also to numerous eco-friendly student bodies, Green councillors, leading academics and the Environmental Change Institute.’
    • ‘Those who came to scoff remained to praise as allegedly worldly-wise hacks marvelled at the Queen's serenity and, according to one, her ‘dazzling smile’ and ‘engaging small talk’.’
    • ‘We need to be more worldly-wise and for referees to be more strict.’
    • ‘Educators must be careful not to distort or prejudice the reality that is presented to students such that they are making the students narrow-minded and naive as opposed to broad-minded and worldly-wise.’
    • ‘Ironically, the most fully-rounded woman in this picture is young Natalie Portman, playing a worldly-wise 13-year-old, who has a crush on Willie.’
    • ‘This isn't to say that they would just accept that the world is a nasty place and therefore be less optimistic; they could just be as happy as we were, but with a more worldly-wise attitude.’
    • ‘Dwight, the worldly-wise American submarine commander, puts her right.’
    • ‘His left foot can still carve routes through opposition defences and, if some of his speed has gone, then he is also more worldly-wise than he once was.’
    • ‘It is perhaps the vast amount of travelling they have done to different parts of the world that has made this couple worldly-wise.’
    • ‘As ever, human happiness requires the skills of both the worldly-wise economist and the passionate scientist.’
    • ‘He found elementary students were both worldly-wise and keen observers of the adults around them.’
    • ‘But because he wrote in a plain style and assumed this worldly-wise tone, he's quite out of fashion.’
    • ‘For years we whined about being the supporting characters on television shows: the wacky neighbor, the snippy coworker, the world-weary yet worldly-wise florist, the dog walker, the minty banker.’
    • ‘At first she's quite immature and naïve but she thinks she's really worldly-wise.’
    • ‘Wouldn't you expect these people to be articulate, clean-cut, and worldly-wise?’
    sophisticated, experienced, worldly, knowledgeable, knowing, aware, enlightened, shrewd, astute, perceptive, mature, seasoned, cosmopolitan, urbane, cultivated, cultured, unprovincial
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