Meaning of worlds apart in English:

worlds apart


  • Very different or distant.

    ‘our daughter's school is worlds apart from school as I knew it in the 1960s’
    • ‘Not just their locations make these two books worlds apart, they are different in style and structure too.’
    • ‘These cousins are brought up worlds apart and have enormous differences, but also enormous similarities.’
    • ‘The exhibition was staged across two very different urban sites, which although linked by a short bus ride are worlds apart in terms of economic and social infrastructure.’
    • ‘But the two men are worlds apart on the issue of race.’
    • ‘Diplomatically, the two sides still seem worlds apart.’
    • ‘Of course, a toddler and a pre-teen are worlds apart.’
    • ‘It also has brought together communities that are worlds apart to enrich each other culturally, socially and economically.’
    • ‘Although the three opposition leaders are worlds apart on most issues of policy, they do have two very important things in common.’
    • ‘It's ridiculous - we live in the same city but it feels like we're all worlds apart.’
    • ‘The streets are less than three miles away from each other - but in the eyes of house buyers, they are worlds apart.’
    unsuited, mismatched, ill-matched, poles apart, worlds apart, like day and night