Meaning of worm's-eye view in English:

worm's-eye view


  • A view as seen from below or from a humble position.

    ‘being assigned to the General Secretariat provided a worm's-eye view of international diplomacy’
    • ‘They move you around; you see things from bird's-eye views and worm's-eye views, though knotholes, in extreme close-up, and so forth.’
    • ‘A triumph of sympathetic editing, this superb book uses the voices of five very different British men and women, each of whom agreed to write a secret diary for the Mass Observation project, to offer a worm's-eye view of post-war Britain.’
    • ‘His was a worm's-eye view of one of the bloodiest episodes of the 20th century.’
    • ‘But according to auditors with a worm's-eye view of what's actually going on in the depths of Siberia, such estimates may just scratch the surface of Russia's real potential.’
    • ‘But he also learned to combine this worm's-eye view with that of the high-flying bird.’