Meaning of worm cast in English:

worm cast

(also worm casting)


  • A convoluted mass of soil, mud, or sand thrown up by an earthworm or lugworm on the surface after passing through the worm's body.

    ‘On the rippled sand, peppered with worm casts, you may find spooters or razor shells and small sea urchins or sea potatoes.’
    • ‘Darwin demonstrated that worm castings were indeed transported down slopes from fertile soils to areas where such soils were not being developed by the action of worms.’
    • ‘Before planting, he fills pots with four parts potting soil to one part worm castings (available at nurseries).’
    • ‘Add lots of organic matter to the soil, worm castings and water regularly.’
    • ‘Darwin also reported that after drying, worm castings were broken into smaller and smaller fractions, ultimately into dust-sized particles that could be carried on the wind.’
    • ‘He also intends to sell what experts politely refer to as worm castings: excrement that is a nutrient-rich alternative to potting soil.’
    • ‘I like to make my own organic mix using peat and about 20% worm casts.’
    • ‘Organic fertilizers like compost and worm casts release their nutrients slowly and don't burn seedlings the way inorganic fertilizers may.’
    • ‘He noted that objects on the surface of soil, such as stones and archaeological relics, sink into the ground as they are buried by worm casts.’
    • ‘They simply eat your rubbish and turn it into worm casts (you can guess what a cast is); this is about as rich a compost as you can get.’
    • ‘In contrast to the control tank, the mineralogy of the worm casts showed some noteworthy differences from the initial material.’
    • ‘The worms started excreting worm casts from the tail shaft of the burrow 4 days after the experiment began.’
    • ‘‘Look for lemon-shaped worm castings,’ he instructs me, bending low in search of mini - bowel movements, his nose dripping with sweat.’
    • ‘Because nutrient levels are so low in worm castings, they are - like compost - considered more a soil amendment than a fertilizer.’
    • ‘Lately, he has been using pure worm castings for transplant mix and has found the results fantastic.’