Meaning of worm lizard in English:

worm lizard


  • 1A subterranean burrowing reptile which resembles an earthworm, being blind, apparently segmented, and typically without limbs.

    Suborder Amphisbaenia, order Squamata: four families and numerous species

    • ‘Here's a link to the series of pictures - you need to click on the ADDITIONAL IMAGES button to see the wrestling worm lizard pictures.’
    • ‘There are unique species on these islands, such as the bizarre Bogadek's worm lizard, and we are discovering more.’
    • ‘Many burrowing animals, from weasels to worm lizards, have smaller limbs today.’
  • 2A legless lizard.

    ‘One of the most interesting to me is the legless Zarudnyi's worm lizard.’
    ‘It is a real animal, called a baja worm lizard.’