Meaning of worm shell in English:

worm shell


  • 1A marine mollusc with a shell that forms loose irregular coils, giving it the appearance of a worm.

    Family Vermetidae, class Gastropoda: Vermetus and other genera, including the European giant worm shell (V. gigas)

    • ‘It is a bar of worm shells at the mouth of the Mee Klong River.’
    • ‘The vermetid worm shells have irregularly coiled or contorted shells which are attached to hard surfaces by their early whorls.’
    • ‘The bench consists of calcareous algae and worm shells which cover the limestone and make it resistant to the wave action.’
    • ‘Next, I added a row of cowrie shells around the base of the birdhouse (figure B) and then topped it off with a spiral worm shell like a little birdie weathervane on the top (figure C).’
    • ‘The bottom is covered with worm shells.’
  • 2The twisted calcareous tube of a sedentary marine bristle worm, typically attached to a stone or mollusc shell.

    The worms belong to Serpula and other genera, class Polychaeta

    • ‘Most of them were covered with these tube worm shells.’
    • ‘However, almost any sort of hollow object can make a home for a hermit crab; some of them will move into straight worm shells.’
    • ‘As they grow, the shells may coil or meander over the substrate producing a tube that looks quite similar to a serpulid tube worm shell.’
    • ‘Moreover, any of the worm shells can be superficially mistaken for similar shells formed by certain annelid worms - a wholly unrelated phylum.’
    • ‘The spiral worm shell is also considered to be a horn shell.’