Meaning of worm snake in English:

worm snake


  • 1A small harmless North American snake which resembles an earthworm.

    Carphophis amoena, family Colubridae

    • ‘One is the Saint Lucia racer, perhaps the rarest snake in the world, and the other is the worm snake, one of the smallest, measuring less than six inches long.’
    • ‘Purplish-brown above and salmon pink below, western worm snakes live underground and under flat rocks.’
    • ‘These range from the worm snakes having a length of about 10 centimeters to those more than 6 meters long.’
    • ‘The primary prey of the worm snake is worms, but it will also take soft-bodied insects.’
    • ‘The worm snake lives around forested places, and moist environments throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.’
    • ‘The worm snake is an unpatterned brown snake with a pink belly, pointed head and small eyes.’
    • ‘Its burrowing instinct compels the worm snake to push its head, as well as its pointed tail, between one's fingers.’
    • ‘The worm snake, like all worm snakes, spent all its time under the dirt in its cage and was very difficult to handle - impossibly wriggly.’
    • ‘The worm snake is usually found under rocks and rotten logs where their prey, earthworms and soft-bodied insects, are abundant.’
  • 2

    another term for blind snake

    • ‘‘Most blind snakes and worm snakes do have eyes, but they're vestigial,’ he said.’
    • ‘Blind snakes are often called worm snakes because of their resemblance to earthworms.’
    • ‘The worm snake bears teeth only on the lower jaw and is able to locate food by smell.’