Meaning of wormer in English:



  • A substance administered to animals or birds to expel parasitic worms.

    ‘the grit contains a wormer’
    • ‘At present, some 3,000 people across Britain who have completed comprehensive training in the composition, storage and use of veterinary medicines can sell animal medicines such as wormers to farmers.’
    • ‘All the animals were treated with wormers, lice powder and antibiotics and had injections for lice infestation.’
    • ‘Harper told dining service employees that to raise meat for the cooperative, the animals' diet must be 85% grass-based, and farmers cannot use any chemical wormers, hormones or antibiotics.’
    • ‘Finch also rotates his wormers including Ivomec ®, Safeguard ® and Valbazen ® annually so resistance doesn't build up in the herd.’
    • ‘In other cases it's been shown that veterinary wormers can kill invertebrate insects that are really critical for dung removal.’
    • ‘It would mean that anyone involved in rearing farm livestock or horses would no longer be able to purchase routine medical treatments such as antiseptics, vaccines and wormers without getting a vet to prescribe them.’
    • ‘And if organic farmers really don't use wormers or antibiotics when the animals are diseased, then this says little for animal welfare concerns.’
    • ‘In the case of meat, the animals must not be given medicine such as antibiotics or wormers, and they must feed on pesticide-free food.’
    • ‘But he said that under the changes the minister was proposing farmers would have to get a vet prescription for items such as wormers, lice treatments, sheep dip and vaccines.’
    • ‘Some people claim that wormers make a difference in their horse's hoof quality.’
    • ‘Animals are reared without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers common in intensive livestock farming.’
    • ‘If not removed, the eggs are eventually ingested as the horse nuzzles its legs and can cause problems, even death, if the horse isn't given a wormer that kills bots.’
    • ‘These are now being sponsored by the animal health company Bayer, which makes a leading brand of dog wormer.’