Meaning of wormery in English:



  • A container, typically with transparent walls, in which worms are kept for study or bred to be used in making compost or as bait for fishing.

    • ‘My worms like to wallow in mud and removing the finished compost always ends up as a balancing act of trying to get some compost in my bucket whilst leaving some worms in the wormery.’
    • ‘But I think I will just transfer some of the worms from my existing wormery.’
    • ‘The school now has two compost bins and a wormery in place to cater for the volume of waste.’
    • ‘By putting it through a wormery or composter you not only avoid these emissions but get piles of top-grade crumbly compost too.’
    • ‘We put everything into our wormery, which turns into compost, and we also have special composting bins for garden waste.’
    • ‘If you had a phobia about worms, you may not rush out and buy a wormery, but you're also not going to flee screaming from the garden at the sight of a worm.’
    • ‘However, there is no doubt a wormery is a very popular way of producing wonderful compost and getting rid of your household waste.’
    • ‘A wildlife garden will be built on the day, complete with composting displays and a wormery, and don't forget to pick up your free wildflower seeds.’
    • ‘Another alternative to composting is the wormery; this is a very nifty little bucket, which contains Tiger worms.’
    • ‘Split into four sections, the garden contains wild grasses, plants, a wormery and a woodland area to encourage wildlife.’
    • ‘As mentioned previously my dad has built a budget wormery for us.’
    • ‘Both wormeries got a selection of food this morning - the standard package of kitchen waste and torn up cardboard, some moistened breadcrumbs and some coffee grounds collected from work.’
    • ‘A ‘Green Committee’ consisting of teachers, pupils and parents was formed, composting was carried out with leftover school lunches and a wormery was also utilised.’
    • ‘The idea behind the programme is to give students hands-on experience of composting and the use of wormeries.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the green flag winning school has already drawn up its action plan for 2000-2001, which includes acquiring a wormery for the school as a means to disposing of their own waste.’
    • ‘A little disappointed, the girls had to reinitialise their educational awareness and litter control campaign, with this initiative expanded to include the setting up of a wormery.’
    • ‘Either way, this is a wonderful, concrete example of re-cycling waste, which can be carried out in all our homes, with or without a wormery.’
    • ‘Another was the creation of a wormery to mulch biodegradable waste.’
    • ‘Topics will include information on commercial and home constructed bins, wormeries care and management, practical tips on maintenance and questions and answers session.’
    • ‘So the designer created a camouflage affair complete with live wormery and army-issue blankets.’