Meaning of wormseed in English:



mass noun
  • A plant whose seeds have the property of destroying parasitic worms.

    (also 'Levant wormseed') santonica. and (also 'American wormseed') an American plant of the goosefoot family (Chenopodium ambrosioides, family Chenopodiaceae).

    • ‘He says that the impression that wormseed oil is produced from a wild herb of that name is misleading.’
    • ‘One of the farmers in southern Carroll County who raised wormseed was Larry Haines, now a state senator.’
    • ‘Most of the wormseed of commerce comes from the steppes of the northern portion of Turkestan whence it finds its way to Moscow and Western Europe.’
    • ‘This plant is closely related to the parent plant of American wormseed oil.’
    • ‘Other artemisias, some American, are also called wormwood; still others include southernwood, tarragon, silver king Artemisia, old woman, or dusty miller, Roman wormwood, sagebrush, and the Levant wormseed, which yields santonin.’