Meaning of wormwheel in English:



  • The wheel of a worm gear.

    • ‘For example, the wormwheel may be formed from sintered iron whilst the worm is made of carbon steel.’
    • ‘The 120-tooth wormwheel drives the first gear of the bevel gear cluster via the shaft to which both are affixed.’
    • ‘The Wire drive unit is of proven design utilising intermeshed steel wormshaft and bronze wormwheels.’
    • ‘Thus, we are left with two sawn-off chassis blocks with wormwheel, axles, motion, cylinders and front coupler.’
    • ‘In a worm gear set the contact between the teeth of the worm and of the wormwheel has a high degree of sliding compared with other types of gear.’
    • ‘It's a bit of a pain though that the wormwheel of the thread chaser dial has to be changed when doing the different pitches.’
    • ‘If you need a gear system whereby the speed is reduced by a considerable amount - a worm and wormwheel are worth considering.’
    • ‘The worm always drives the wormwheel and never the other way round.’
    • ‘Here I drive it with the wormwheels on two side-by-side motors (red and blue).’
    • ‘It is important to note that all of the multi-start worms will carry precisely this angle, and it is this that allows them to use the same multi-start wormwheels.’