Meaning of worrisomely in English:



North American

See worrisome

as submodifier ‘he sits on a worrisomely flimsy plastic chair’
  • ‘But as he goes on, this idea tends to take on worrisomely subversive overtones as he tries to make the case that it's essentially tricking people into learning.’
  • ‘Something silly was about to happen and Henry drifted worrisomely back into a negotiating team caucus where they were all arguing in concentric circles about something incomprehensible and foolish.’
  • ‘But to longtime Portlanders, housing costs are worrisomely high.’
  • ‘Salem didn't know any of us very well, but he still seemed relatively shocked, yet worrisomely pleased.’
  • ‘During operation the cooler seemed to perform well, getting hot but not worrisomely so.’