Meaning of worrit in English:


verbworrits, worriting, worrited

[no object]archaic
  • Feel anxious; worry.

    • ‘Many begin to slip into unspoken worrit about those people, who'd been so hostile to our jests earlier on.’
    • ‘She has been worriting me incessantly about a new chapter which, unfortunately, I do not have written.’
    • ‘We can't be worriting about what people in other countries think of us!’
    • ‘In my dream a few days later, I got all worrited because I realized that the sleeper I put on the baby probably wasn't sterile and I thought he might get an infection!’
    • ‘We want you to have a nice restful visit at Windy Corner, with no worriting.’


  • Anxious; worried.

    ‘I'm a very worrit man’


Late 18th century apparently an alteration of worry.